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Peerless Handcuff Company

Peerless® Handcuff Company was established in 1914 in Springfield,  Massachusetts. Over ninety years later, the classic swing through design  of the original Peerless® handcuff, continues to be the industry  standard.

Peerless offers a full line of restraints including chain link  handcuffs, hinged handcuffs, oversize handcuffs, leg irons, waist chains  and color plated restraints. All Peerless products are designed to meet  and exceed the tough U.S. National Institute of Justice standards for  strength and quality. All Peerless products are backed by a lifetime  warranty for manufacture defects.


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HW PEER7002 #7002c Waist Chain, Cuff At Each Hip
Starts at:
Style: PEER7002
HW PEER6501 Peerless - Standard Handcuff #700
Starts at:
Style: PEER6501
HW PEER700-6X #700c-6x Nickel Finish Handcuff 6 Chain
Starts at:
Style: PEER700-6X
HW PEER6502 #701c Black, Chain Handcuff
Starts at:
Style: PEER6502
HW PEER6511 Peerless - Oversized Handcuff #7030
Starts at:
Style: PEER6511
HW PEER6510 Peerless - Leg Irons #703
Starts at:
Style: PEER6510
HW PEER6512 Peerless - Oversized Leg Iron #705
Starts at:
Style: PEER6512
HW PEER730CB #730cbsuperlite Chain Cuffs, Black
Starts at:
Style: PEER730CB
HW PEER730CS #730cs Superlite Chain Cuffs, Gray
Starts at:
Style: PEER730CS
HW PEER750B #750c Chain Handcuff, Blue
Starts at:
Style: PEER750B
HW PEER750O #750c Chain Handcuff, Orange
Starts at:
Style: PEER750O
HW PEER750P #750c Chain Handcuff, Pink
Starts at:
Style: PEER750P
HW PEER750R #750c Chain Handcuff, Red
Starts at:
Style: PEER750R
HW PEER750Y #750c Chain Handcuff, Yellow
Starts at:
Style: PEER750Y
HW PEER4003 Peerless Handcuffs - Hinged Handcuffs #801
Starts at:
Style: PEER4003
HW PEER4004 #802c Black Finish Hinged Cuff
Starts at:
Style: PEER4004
HW PEERPSC60 #psc60 60 Security Chain, Nickel
Starts at:
Style: PEERPSC60
HW PEERPSC78 #psc78 78 Security Chain, Nickel
Starts at:
Style: PEERPSC78
HW PEER4100 Peerless - Standard Keys
Starts at:
Style: PEER4100
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