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March 17, 2020
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How to Choose the Correct Strapping Tool for Your Task

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When you need to bundle together boxes or other materials for transport or storage, a strapping tool comes in very handy. That's because the right tool can tightly strap together your items and keep them from falling over. By preventing them from falling over, you are preventing the injury of others and damaging of the goods. This makes a strapping tool an investment that is well worth it. But how do you know which strapping tool is the right one for you? There are so many out there to choose from that it can be confusing and you want the right one because you do not want to have one that is not adequate enough for the job or one that is too much for the job.

The different types of strapping tools

The different types of strapping tools range from hand held devices to large machines, depending on the size of the bundles you need to strap and how fast you need it done. Here are the types of strapping tools you may encounter on your search:

1.Tensioners: These are hand held strapping tools that are operated manually. They are typically for small bundling jobs. If you're bundling together rods, poles, or something else that is perhaps in a bundle of 12 or less, a tensioner is a great choice. You also have the option to use a tensioner with a woven polyester strap.

2.Sealers: If you need a strong hold on smaller items with a lot of weight, sealers use steel or plastic straps for the durability that you need. They are hand held and manual.

3.Combination tools: Combination tools are also hand held. They use steel or plastic straps. They are for slightly larger jobs that can still use a hand held strapping tool. They both seal and act as a tensioner.

These are just the hand held tools that you can choose from. Sometimes you may also find a handheld tool that is automatic or can be used both manually and automatic. There are also facilities that are not able to strap their bundles manually because they are too large. This is usually when you will find large machines that do it automatically.

How do you know which to choose?

Simply evaluate the type of items that you must bundle. You know that you can use a tensioner on a smaller job such as bundling together metal rods or something of that sort. Perhaps you must bundle long skinny boxes together or maybe a bundle of newspapers. You need the tension to keep it all together. You'll only need a sealer when you have to seal the strap together.

If you're strapping together boxes onto a pallet that are of a moderate height, then a combination tool may come in handy. Then again, if your business needs to strap heavy volumes or the bundles are too large for a person to strap without it being a hazard, you may have to invest in a large automatic strapping machine to get the job done. Also make sure that the type of strapping, such as metal or plastic, is adequate enough. If the items are really heavy, then you may want to choose metal so that the strapping doesn't break.

By evaluating these things, that is how you know what type of strapping tool is the best type of tool for you and your business. That also keeps you from not having adequate strapping capabilities and keeps you from wasting money on having too much. What you'll find is that you'll be able to efficiently and effectively take care of your strapping duties.


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