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May 12, 2020
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How To Find Music Production Jobs

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You would think that once you have your degree in Music Production you would be well on your way, would you not? But it does not normally work like that. It is false that acquiring a degree makes acquiring a job easier, because there are more people going for jobs with degrees than ever before and we are in an period when every business is searching for savings. It is true though that you will not ge a decent job with prospects without a degree any more.

So, you have your degree in music production and firms are not falling over themselves to hire you, so what do you do now? Well, one of the things that you should do is put your creative talent to work to find ways to get a job in the music industry. Before we get onto the issue of looking for a career, there are a few items that you have to know about music firms.

Most young people fantasize of procuring into the music industry and rubbing shoulders with stars even if they do not have any talent. Because of this the music industry as a whole rarely needs to advertise for vacant jobs although they might be required to by law in some countries.

They will just pay lip service to this law because it is daft, a pacifier and unenforcable. They will promote from within, use family and hire head-hunters, just like most firms do.

This means that it is at least as much who you know as what you know and this means networking. You will have to learn how to network to get yourself at least an interview. Endeavor to get in even if it means on the lowest rung of the ladder, as an intern.

The vast majority of companies that take interns fill vacant positions with the best and most eager interns. The drawback is that interns get paid very little if at all. But if government can get away with it so will industry.

The first step to take after procuring your degree is to study up on the job you would like and the firm you would like it with. You know how to do that. Learn as much about the job and the firm as you can. Then draw up a list of all the people you know who might be able to help you or vouch for you.

Teachers, lecturers, bands you roadied for, concerts you helped out on - anything - and get in touch with them. Ask if they know of anything going and get their permission to use their name in an interview or career application.

Send out resumes to the exact person by name who has the authority to hire or recommend you. This involves more research. This is a long shot because music production firms are swamped with resumes, but follow yours up with a second letter and enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope. Send a third too, why not? Then begin following it up by email and phone.

Stay calm, be pleasant, but say that you would like a reply and if you have been rejected with reasons why so that you can correct your short-comings. Try to learn from set-backs and one day it will work out for you.


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