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June 8, 2020
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How To Keep Your Feet Safe With Steel Toe Boots

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OSHA demands that workers on certain types of job sites wear steel toe boots. This means you not only have to have them to work on the job. You even have to wear them if you are on the site as a visitor, inspector, or salesman. If you are around construction sites or other job sites where heavy equipment is used, you will need a good pair of safety boots. They will cover all your footwear needs on the job.

Safety boots are better for your feet in many ways, and that is why they are required by OSHA and others. You will be glad to know that steel toe boots are more durable than ordinary shoes. You can spend the money on your special boots knowing that they will keep your feet in working condition for a long time to come. You might get an athletic shoe that would last a long time being used for sports, but it will not be made for the punishment a construction job site dishes out. Protective footwear can also offer ankle support that you cannot get from other shoes or boots.

The main reason steel toe boots are so often required is the protection they offer. They can keep equipment and falling objects from landing with full force on your toes. Without steel toe boots, you might suffer damage or even the loss of your toes. Never underestimate the importance of healthy feet to your ability to work. If your toes are damaged beyond repair, you might not be able to walk well, if at all. Your feet are the foundation your body stands on. Taking care of them only makes sense.

To take care of your feet properly, you will need a very good pair of safety boots. Boots that are made of thin leather will not hold up. Besides that, the steel toe will not be seated securely into position. The leather, instead, should be sturdy enough to last and to maintain its form. If it is strong enough leather, it will not only fulfill the basic functions, it will also keep you from getting damage to the skin of your feet, such as cuts. If the ankle is high, it will keep you from twisting your ankles as you move around the job site, climb ladders, and step down into excavated areas.

The protective end cap is of utmost importance in choosing safety footwear. There are several things to look for. You should first try squeezing the steel toe from the top to the bottom of the toe. If it flexes, it will not give your toe much protection. Also, notice how far back the protection goes. One type covers just the tips of the toes while another goes back about 2 1/2 inches. The longer one is stronger and will protect a larger area of your foot. Another thing to look for is steel toes that do not wrap around the entire toe area, but simply cup the toe. They are not strong protective footwear. Find the best ones and wear them. They will serve you well and long.


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