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July 6, 2020
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How To Make A Good Impression With Your Choice Of Perfume

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Your choice in perfume says a lot about you, as does the way you wear your perfume. If you are thinking of making a good impression with perfume on a new date or a job interview, you will want to make sure that the perfume is right for the occasion and is not overpowering.

Perfumery is an ancient art that has been practiced for thousands of years. In early days, perfume was made out of essential oils that were derived from natural substances such as fruits, flowers, tree barks and spices. Perfume made today is usually made with synthetic chemicals designed to have the same scent as essential oils, as essential oils would be too expensive in the mass production of perfume. Different scents can be used to evoke different emotions. And no scent smells the same on the two women, as our bodies actually react with the perfume.

For a job interview, you can make a good impression with perfume by simply not wearing too much and making sure that you choose a sporty or floral scent. Nothing too heavy that can be overpowering. You will want to apply the perfume to pressure points such as your wrists and behind your ears. If you are using cologne, you can spray it lightly on your wrists, behind you ears and in your hair. If you are using perfume, which is much more concentrated, a little dab will do on each wrist and behind each ear. You will not want to overpower your prospective employer by using too much perfume.

If you are going out for the evening, you can choose a woodsy or spicy scent. Perfume is usually made from a combination of three different notes: A base note, a medium note and a top note. The base note is the scent that will remain with you after the top note has evaporated. It is important, when making a good impression with perfume, that you have already experienced using the perfume and know that it is a proper scent for you. Prior to purchasing any new perfume, a woman should try some on her wrist, give it about a half an hour to react to her skin and then see if she still likes the scent. What smells good in a magazine may not smell good on you.

Woodsy, spicy and Oriental base notes are often used in perfumes that are considered heavier and more proper to wear at night. Floral and citrus base notes are often used in perfumes that are lighter and better to wear during the day, to work and to a job interview. If you are unsure about the note of your perfume try to picture what the scent reminds you of after it has been absorbed in your skin for a while.

The most important thing about wearing perfume, however, is how to wear it. Many people tend to give themselves a cologne bath prior to going on a date or meeting someone for the first time. Even if the scent is pleasing, it may overpower you. You will want your new date or prospective employer to remember you, not the type of perfume you wore.

What you will want to achieve, when making an impression with perfume, is that your light scent lingers for just a bit after you have left the room, giving the person a chance to reflect a little about you and remember everything you said.


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