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July 15, 2020
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How To Make A Restaurant Menu

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The restaurant menu is one of the key elements to a successful restaurant. Making a restaurant menu requires time, care, and consultation with other people such as the Chef, to ensure a menu that will be loved by all dining guests.

The following is a list of helpful tips to making a restaurant menu:

Determine the Restaurants Theme and Style: In order to create a great menu you have to determine your restaurants vision. You want to have a menu that is unique from your competitors. Your meals must stand out from the others. Similarity with your competitors will not give your restaurant a great reputation. There may be some similar foods but make these foods your own with unique ingredients. Make a list of dishes your restaurant will serve and how much you will charge for each.

Organize your menu according to how you want the dishes to be listed. Cheaper food items are normally listed first. As well, make sure your prices are not excessive compared to nearby competitors restaurants. As well, decide if your restaurant is formal, semi formal, or informal. The food has to match the style of the restaurant. Also, who is your target customer such as families, business professionals, vegetarians, tourists-etc? As well, what is your theme such as French, Italian, fast food-etc?

Menu Design: Create a couple of samples of what your menu will look like. This includes: pictures, an emphasis on your best dishes, and location of certain items such as breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes. Your menus design should be professional, attractive, easy to navigate and read, and catches the customers attention. You can also use customized professional graphics. Consult with your staffs opinion when selecting the final menu. Make sure there are no errors and the cover menu is appealing. Carefully edit your menu. You want to make sure that you don't have any spelling mistakes and grammar errors. If you are not skilled in grammar and language, have a professional review and edit the menu. Menu colors and font should match the theme of the restaurant. Try not to use more than 3 fonts in the menu and make sure it is not too small. List the prices for all of your menu items.

Menu Descriptions: The description of your dishes should stimulate your customers appetite. The dishes should also be clearly written and arranged in order such as appetizers, main entrees, and desserts and beverages. Make sure you have clearly noted special meals.

Print Your Menu: Dont print the menu on plain paper. The menu should be professionally printed. Use professional paper and have a professional printing company do the printing.

Designing and writing a restaurant menu is a serious job. The menu conveys to the public what type of food they will be eating. A sloppy menu will have a negative impact because customers will see it as a reflection of the restaurant. Think of a menu as an important marketing tool that will help promote your business and encourage repeat customers.


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